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Please answer these questions on a paper and turn it in on Monday, September 7th.

1. When does the lottery take place?

2. Describe the setting.

3. How does the author, Shirley Jackson, foreshadow what is to come?

4. What can you say about the people of the town?

5. What paraphernalia is used to conduct the lottery and what attempts are made to keep the traditional ceremony?

6. What role does Old Man Warner play?

7. The lottery is carried on by Mr. Summers, who owns the coal company, and Mr. Graves, the postmaster. What do the names and the objects hint at?

8. Usually a lottery is something good. When do you begin to suspect that, in this case, no one wants to “win” the lottery?

9. How does the author build tension?

10. What is the “procedure” of the lottery?

11. What is the reaction of Old Man Warner to the fact that in the north village “they’re talking of giving up the lottery”?

12. What does the saying “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon” hint at?

13. Choose and answer only one of the questions below:

What does the story imply about traditions and ceremonies? Support your opinion from the story.

What does the story imply about religion? Support your opinion from the story.

What does the story imply about family loyalties? Support your opinion from the story.

What does the story imply about human nature? Support your opinion from the story.

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08/26/2008 07:09

The Lottery... Hmmm. "It isn't fair, it isn't right," I agree with Tessie! I thought this short story was very abstract. I thought it was entertaining, but disturbing too. Overall, it didn't really suit my fancy. It wasn't exactly my kind of story or characters. Although, I do have to say that Shirley Jackson is a terrific writer, and I would definitely be interested in reading more of her work!

08/26/2008 07:11

By the way... Now I don't want to win "The Lottery"!!! Ha ha!

08/27/2008 07:38

This story turned out to be nothing like i had anticipated. I thought it was going to be about someone winning the lottery and gaining a whole bunch of money, but no... It was totally different. I'm with Danae, I wouldn't want to win "The Lottery."

08/27/2008 09:47

Abbey, I agree with you again. I thought the story would be about someone winning, getting snobby, then going through some kind of hard situation and learning the lesson of sharing. At least something like that. We were VERY wrong :o)

Caleb J.
09/02/2008 06:51

The one thought that I would have on this is just one word, why? Why do they stone the person who wins? Why do they use a lottery to decide, why, why, why?! I, along with my mothers assistance, have gone over and still cannot figure it out, one theory is that it could be some sort of ritual sacrifice in hopes for a good year, but it still remains a mystery.

Caleb J.
09/02/2008 06:52

Oops, I meant mother's* lol

Caleb J.
09/02/2008 06:53

But I agree with you two, winning the lottery, bad.

P.S. If someone has any idea as to why they stone them, please, I'm all ears.

09/03/2008 06:38

I agree, Caleb. It's a mystery. I guess that's sometimes the beauty of a short story... It doesn't have to have all the answers?!

09/03/2008 07:58

Caleb, I agree. It's a mystery. But maybe that's the beauty of a short story... It doesn't have to have all the answers?!

09/03/2008 10:30

Hey, sorry about that duplicate. Lol. I thought it didn't work the first time. *Oops. ;o)

09/04/2008 07:57

Are we doing the Esther blog?

09/07/2008 07:49

"Wait, wait, wait...WHAT just happend?!?"

That pretty much sums up all my thoughts on the story. Maybe it's just me, but it just doesn't make sense. But hopefully Mrs. Griz you will be able to help me open my eyes some more.

On a more positive note, the write did an amazing job of keeping me on my toes. Normally when it comes to stores such as this I fly over them and don't take much notice. But honestly I read this story over many times and still picked up more clues each time!

In the end it's a great story if you like stories with lots of mind puzzlers and without clear endings. In my own opinion...sometimes those are the best so you can add your own piece to the story. :)

09/07/2008 07:52

Wow, so many misspellings.

*writer, not write. *stories, not stores. *these, not this.

Haha, sorry. And also I apoligize for this being so late. First time this week I've gotten to a computer.


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